Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Rescue Care -AAM

Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM)
CALL 1 800 88 6088
Comes with all our AIG comprehensive motor insurance policy.
RescueCare break Down Assistance Service is rendered by Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM). Customers can enjoy numerous Free services such as towing services, jump starting the car, changing of tyres and battery, etc.
Zero excess at our authorised panel workshop
Parts for parts replacement
12 months repair warranty
After repair re-inspection

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Personal Accident & Medical Claims Procedures - AIG

Personal Accident & Medical
Claims Procedures
Notify AIG General Insurance personnel/Agent immediately after the incident. Claim Form (Discharge Medical Form) and/or Medical Report Form (Certificate of medical Attendance) will be forwarded within 3 working days.
For prompt claim processing, please ensure that following general documents are submitted.
Documents Required
Fully Completed Claim Form - Section I
Medical Report - Section II (The completion of this Section II may be waived for Accident Medical Reimbursement claims not exceeding RM300.00 and provided all the bills or receipts have the doctor's diagnosis.
Other Supporting Documents
Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits
Original Hospital Billing Statement & Payment Receipt.
If claiming for excess amount, assessment/settlement letter from the other insurer.
Daily Hospital Income or Cash Benefit
Original or Certified True Copy of Hospital Billing Statement and Payment Receipt
Accident Medical Reimbursement Benefit
Original Medical Bills and Payment Receipts
If claiming for excess amount, assessment/settlement letter from the other insurer
Police Report, if any
X-ray and/or MRI reports, if any
Weekly Indemnity Benefit
Original or Certified True Copy of Medical Sick Leave Certificate /
Police Report, if any
Permanent Disablement or Permanent Loss of Use resulting in physical amputation
Clear Photographs of the affected amputated limb(s)
X-ray and/or MRI reports
Permanent Disablement or Permanent Loss of Use not resulting in physical amputation
Specialist report confirming the permanent disablement after 12 months from the accident date
X-ray and/or MRI reports, if any
Permanent Disablement or Permanent Loss of Use not resulting in physical amputation
Medical Report - Section II - only if no post-mortem was done
Detailed Post-Mortem Report
Police Investigation Result
Death Certificate
Burial or Cremation Permit
Copy of Deceased's Identity Card
Copy of Named Nominee(s)/Claimant's Identity Card
Copy of Marriage certificate, where applicable
Letters of Administration/Distribution Order/Sijil Faraid - for Muslim or if nominee is below 18 years old or when there is no nomination
Newspapers report or any other available medical reports or documents to substantiate the claim

Travel Claims Procedurs - AIG

Claims Procedures
Notify AIG General Insurance personnel/Agent immediately after the incident.
For prompt claim processing, please ensure that following general documents are submitted.
Documents Required
Fully completed Travel Claim form (incomplete form may cause delay in processing)
Original Insurance Certificate & Proposal Form
Original used air ticket & boarding pass
Other Supporting Documents
Medical Expenses
Original Medical Bills/Invoices
Original Payment Receipt issued by the clinic/hospital
Original Medical Report/Diagnosis note duly certified by the attending Physician
Flight Delay
Letter from airline confirming the delay duration (in number of hours), actual departure time and reason for the delay.
Flight Misconnection
Letter from airline confirming the actual time of arrival at the airport of the transit point and actual departure time of the connecting flight.
Original receipts for hotel accommodation, restaurant meals or refreshment.
Baggage Delay
Property Irregularity Report
Letter from airline confirming the delay duration (in number of hours), the reason for the delay and their offer of compensation.
Original receipts for emergency purchases of essential clothing & toiletries during the delay duration.
Baggage Loss
Property Irregularity Report
Letter from airline confirming the loss and their offer of compensation
Original receipts for items claimed
Baggage Damage
Property Irregularity Report
Letter from airline confirming the damage and their offer of compensation
Photographs depicting the damage
Original quotation or receipt for repair
Original purchase receipt of the damaged luggage
Trip Cancellation & Trip Curtailment
Original invoice and payment receipts confirming the full amount paid
Tour Fare breakdown charges & travel itinerary
Letter from Travel agent confirming the refund amount. If nil refund, to state reason
If the cause of cancellation/curtailment is due to medical condition of an immediate family member, to provide Proof of relationship, e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificates. If due to death, also enclose the Death Certificate.
Medical Report and to provide details of all normal attending physicians.
Loss of Travel Document
Original receipts for additional hotel accommodation, land transportation cost & communication expenses
Original police report & official translated copy of the report, if report is not in English
Insured's account on the exact description of the incident
Loss of Money
Original Police report obtained at the place of loss
Official translated police report, if report is not in English.
Insured's account on the exact description of the incident

House Owner/House Holder Claims Procedurs - AIG

House Owner/House Holder
Claims Procedures
In the event of an incident giving rise to a claim, please notify us immediately and provide us the following:
1. Completed claim form (will be given at time of notification);
2. Statement of claim incorporating make and model of items claimed;
3. Purchase bill or receipt, if available;
4. Police report (for theft and crime related matter);
5. Documentary proof on cause of loss e.g. technical report (not necessary for fire, flood , theft and bursting/overflowing of pipes and water apparatus);
6. Replacement quotation for items deemed beyond economical repair. If repair cost is estimated at above RM2,000/-, please obtain a detailed repair quotation;
7. Photographs showing damages sustained. In the event of flood, you may proceed with the cleaning process if photographing is impracticable.In the event of theft, please proceed with repairs to the building after taking photographs showing point of entry and place where the items were kept before the theft took place.
8. Fire brigade report in the event of fire ;
9. Two competitive quotation from potential contractors for repairs and/or re-construction of insured building ;
10. Certified true copy of property title for building repair claims in excess of RM5,000/-
Where necessary, we will appoint an adjuster to assess your loss upon receipt of your notification
If adjuster is not appointed, you are required to provide the following additional documents:
1. For Theft
a) Photograph showing point of entry/exit; and
b) Location of property stolen.
2. Lightning Damage
a) The insured damage item; and
b) Technical report on cause of loss.
3. Other Type of Damage
a) Photograph showing extent of damage

Motoring Tips - AIG

Things you must know
There are some important points that you should be aware of if you are involved in an accident or if your car is stolen.
What to do in the event of an accident
Give your name, address and insurance details to the other party who is involved in the same accident.
Get the name, address, phone number, vehicle registration and any other information from the other driver(s), passenger(s), witness (es) and any attending police officer(s) at the scene of accident.
Note the exact location and any relevant road signs or markings.
If injury is involved and you did not give your details at the scene, report the incident to the police within 24 hours after the accident.
Have your vehicle towed to the nearest police station and subsequently to one of our panel workshops.
You must telephone us as soon as possible within 24 hours after the accident to report the accident.
What to do if your vehicle is stolen or suffers theft related damage
Report the theft to the police immediately and take note of the police officer's name and obtain a copy of the report.
You must telephone us as soon as possible and within 24 hours after the theft to report the incident.
Tips To Safeguard Your Vehicle Against Theft
Car theft is a serious problem in Malaysia. We have gathered some tips to share with you. Amongst the most interesting findings on how cars are stolen are as follows:
Keys in the ignition!
Reminder: Never leave your car unlocked and unattended even for a second while running a quick errand at the grocery stores, to the ATM, or pick up your kids from across the road. Make sure all means of entry to your vehicle are shut tight.
Vehicles are towed away.
Tip: Park your car with wheels turned towards the curb or to the side at driveways and parking lots. This makes it difficult for thieves to tow your car away.
Non activated Security Alarm:
Reminder: Use it. The siren, horn or lights works effectively to frighten the thief away.
Did not have any anti-theft device.
Reminder: Install an immobilizer. A small investment upfront will save you from major inconveniences in the event of theft.
No etching of vehicle number on car windows and major parts.
Tips: A preventive measure that is cheap. By marking your vehicle, you assist police in identifying your car.
Car hijack at the traffic lights!
Reminder: When driving your car, keep your doors locked and windows rolled up. Stay alert!
Cars stolen from a remote and quiet road or parking lot.
Reminder: Park in well-lighted areas with pedestrian traffic.
Don't Be The Target Of Car Thieves
Leaving coins for parking, sunglasses, briefcases, gym bags, keys and parking tickets visible will attract thieves to your car.
Always place your valuables in the trunk. Out of sight, out of mind.
Always lock your car doors and windows.
8 Tips On Personal Safety
When you are driving or walking to your car, be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to any suspicious people near your car.
After office hours, ladies are advised not to walk alone to their cars parked in office buildings or shopping complexes. Always get someone to accompany you to your car if you work late.
Check the back seat of your car before you enter. After getting into your car, close all windows and lock all doors.
If there is another driver harassing you, engaging you to race or to stop his/her car in front of you, keep driving, slow down and do not provoke or challenge him / her. Avoid confrontations.
If you get lost especially at night, call someone via your mobile phone or go to the nearest petrol station or shop to ask for directions. Do not stop your car and / or turn on the hazard light. You will only draw attention to your situation and invite trouble.
While driving, if you feel that your car has been deliberately hit by another, do not stop. This is a common tactic used by robbers to make drivers stop their car before robbing them. Try to note the type of vehicle and vehicle registration number for purposes of making a police report.
Never leave your car engine running unattended especially when you intend to make a quick visit at convenience stores or petrol stations.
Never leave your young children inside an unlocked car unattended.
The Benefits And Value Added Services
NIL Excess*
Our NIL Excess offer is extended to own damage auto claims reported after April 9th, 2001, regardless of your 'No Claim Discount' (NCD) entitlement. Just take your vehicle to any one of our approved panel workshops and your excess will be waived.
this does not apply to actual total loss, constructive total loss and theft claims.
this also does not apply to 'Knock for Knock' claims (where NCD is not forfeited). Your excess is recoverable from the third party insurer when you pursue your claim for other uninsured loses.
Peace Of Mind
All our approved panel workshops are approved by the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM).
Save Money
Enjoy Nil Excess with or without NCD
12 months warranty on approved repairs
14 days own damage claim approval (upon submission of full documentation)
We provide free re-inspection service if you are unsatisfied with the repair of your vehicle
Save Time
Over 450 approved panel workshops nationwide to assist you in the following:
Tow your insured vehicle to the nearest police station.
Assistance given in lodging a police report.
Assistance given in completing of claim forms.
Submission of claim form and relevant documents to us.
Follow up with our Claims Department to speed up processing of claims.
* 'Excess' refers to the first amount of any claim that the insured has to undertake to pay by himself